Behind the luv…

About Us:

With over 200 different flavors in lip balms and lip glosses from some of the sweetest brands on the market, Lotta Luv brings you the joy and fun of what it’s like to be a kid in a candy store! With some of the biggest confectionery and beverage brands such as Hershey’s, Nestle, Tootsie Roll, Wonka, and Pepsi only to name a few, Lotta Luv has captured young America’s sweet tooth with delicious scented and flavored lip balms and glosses so close to the real thing that you will be licking your lips on end! Can’t stop that sweet craving? Go ahead and give in! Along with Lotta Luv’s sweet affair, Disney brands bring a magical touch to our collection. Based in the heart of midtown Manhattan, we bring you the sweetest products, the greatest tastes and the fun brands you Luv- made with a Lotta Luv!

Corporate Info:

Founded in 2001, Lotta Luv is the leading manufacturer and marketer of licensed lip products worldwide. Partnered with some of the worlds’ strongest brands, Lotta Luv creates innovative beauty products with the highest quality and attention to detail, and can be found at all levels of retail. Lotta Luv develops unique components, formulas and flavors to give our customers and partners products truly made with a Lotta Luv.


Our products do not contain food and are gluten-free.

Contact Us:

Thank you for your interest in our products! We would LUV to hear from you!

For general questions or concerns, please contact us at: info@lottaluv.com

For brands interested in working with Lotta Luv, please contact us at: brands@lottaluv.com

For questions regarding sales, please use: sales@lottaluv.com